Top 20+ Bookshelf Zoom Backgrounds to Make You Look Smart

bookshelf zoom background

Use these bookshelf zoom backgrounds when joining your video calls to give yourself that smart aura and emanate intellect.

Who doesn’t want to look smart?

It’s a poetic question, everyone does. Obviously.

Pick one of these bookshelf Zoom backgrounds to give yourself an edge in this regard. Don’t worry, it’s going to work.

There’s a subconscious phenomena behind this. Whenever you see a person, you associate them with their surroundings. Television crews had worked it out a long time ago, and use it to great effect to this day.

When you see a person on a screen, you will tie whatever is near their face in the background to your impression about them. Putting a bookshelf in your Zoom background will make you look well-read, sophisticated and smart.

Are you getting ready for a job interview online? Yup, you guessed it, a bookshelf in the background may be your best bet to give you an edge over the competition.

Are you setting up an online first date on Zoom? Nothing wrong with that, and giving the impression that you read a lot of books can’t hurt your chances, can it?

Are you just looking for some fun background to hang out with your family or friends? Give one of these bookshelf backgrounds a try, and test the above phenomenon for yourself just for the fun of it. It’s guaranteed to make you look smarter.

This is why I collected the hottest bookshelf Zoom backgrounds for you. Just pick one, and watch the effect!

To set up your bookshelf Zoom background all you have to do is…

After starting or joining a meeting, see the lower left corner and click on the up arrow next to the video sign.

Click "Choose Virtual Background..." from the menu.

In the "Choose Virtual Background" block, click the + sign to add your background. And tick the "I have a green screen" checkbox.

Pro tip: if you don't have a green screen then try to find a place with as simple background as possible - a white wall usually does the trick.


Top 20+ Bookshelf Zoom Backgrounds



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